Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about any Baby Choices courses you might find some answers here in our FAQ. Please note our usual refund policy does not allow for refunds or cancellations; however if there is to be any further national or local lockdowns, then your booking will be refunded.

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"I've changed my mind, can I get a refund for the course?"

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds, as once you are booked on a particular course that payment is final, due to very limited numbers and small class sizes. Refunds would only be offered in very exceptional circumstances or lockdown, please discuss this with Jenni if you have any questions.

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"My baby has additional needs/I have health issues, can we still do messy play, massage or yoga?"

Absolutely. If baby has an additional need, we can accommodate this. If your baby has a physical issues and has not yet been 'signed off' by your healthcare professional, then you should get this clarified before coming to a baby yoga class as some of the positions may need to be modified. For massage there are no positions which should  cause a problem, but please check with your GP or consultant before your course begins.

"What should I bring to a group class? What do I need for online sessions?"

You will simply need your usual changing bag and feeding supplies handy, plus muslins/blanket/towel. If you choose to use massage oil the towel will be helpful for when you wish to get your slippery baby dressed again! 

"What if my baby falls asleep or needs a feed or nappy change?"

That is not a problem at all! This is exactly what babies do and we would never force a baby to continue with a class if he or she was tired. If your baby falls asleep you can still enjoy the social aspects of our face to face classes and chat with other parents - or just enjoy a moment to yourself! Our online classes and workshops all include video links so you can easily catch up and try again later at a more suitable time.

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