Baby Massage

Baby massage classes are a wonderful, nurturing experience for both you and your baby, and also offers a unique way for you to communicate with your child through positive touch

Baby Choices' award-winning baby massage course is certified by To Baby and Beyond, whose training qualifications are accredited by the prestigious Royal College of Midwives. Support materials are included.


Our routine of Swedish and Indian massage techniques, combined with Chinese reflexology and traditional yoga influences, is deeply relaxing and designed to aid improved sleep for your baby, and aims to teach you many empowering ways you can soothe any baby ailments such as colic and teething, encourage deeper bonding for you and baby, and improve any nap or sleep problems you may be experiencing.

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

Where and When?

Baby Massage takes place on Tuesday afternoons at St George's Community Centre in Dane Bank, Denton and on Thursday afternoons at St Paul's Church Hall in Heaton Moor, Stockport. My Denton venue is conveniently close to Hyde, Reddish, Haughton Green and the M67. Close to the A6, my Heaton Moor venue is handy for Reddish, Didsbury, Chorlton and all other areas within South Manchester, Stockport and Tameside. Both the church halls have car parks and free off-street parking available, plus kitchen facilities, comfortable seating/feeding areas and baby changing units, along with plenty of space for prams and car seats inside.

St George's Community Centre in Dane Bank

St Paul's Church Hall in Heaton Moor

What Do We Do at Baby Massage?

You can use any oil you have already in the home. If your baby has eczema or any other skin problem you are welcome to use a prescribed cream from your doctor instead. The strokes can also be done over the clothes if you choose not to use any oil.

Chest and Tummies
Strokes to soothe your baby when they are experiencing symptoms of coughs and colds, stomach pains, colic, constipation and trapped wind
Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet
Help your baby find their fingers and toes, introduce body and spatial awareness, improve and strengthen muscle tone and brain development, ease teething pains 
Ways to help baby if they are struggling with restless nights and unsettled naps. Back strokes can improve sleep patterns and encourage a deeper sleep.
Head and Face
Strokes which ease teething pains, relieve headaches brought on by crying or tension, release sinus pain from colds and encourage baby bonding
Stretching Sequence
Try some gentle beneficial stretches and baby yoga positions that encourage relaxation, mobility and muscle development.

Who Can Attend?

Any parent/carer can massage their baby from 4 weeks upwards. Mums do not need to have attended 6-8 week checks. If your older baby is rolling or crawling you are still very welcome to come along, but if they are becoming more mobile they may enjoy my baby yoga classes which involve lots of movements and actions!


If you cannot attend one of the group classes, please contact Jenni to enquire about a private class in your own home. We can focus on any specific requirements you might have to help you ease your baby's colic and constipation, aid relaxation and sleep, or soothe teething troubles. Private sessions are £10 per 30 minutes.


Benefits For Baby:

  • ​aids deeper, longer sleep

  • relaxing and soothing which can reduce crying

  • helps baby ailments such as teething

  • helps tummy troubles such as colic, constipation and digestive issues

  • enhances muscle tone and development

  • aids co-ordination

  • boosts immunity

  • releases 'happy hormones' which make your baby feel good!

Benefits For Parent/Carer:

  • increases the bond with your baby

  • empowers you to help issues such as constipation, colic, teething pains

  • learn practical ways to relax your baby helping them to sleep

  • helps you relax and sleep better!

  • meet and chat with other parents

  • helps you get to know your baby and their cues

  • reduces feelings of 'baby blues'

  • can help alleviate symptoms of postnatal depression