Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is relaxing and fun, combining baby's very own yoga-based routine along with songs and movements which all benefit your little one's mental and physical developments. 

Our Baby Yoga course is certified by To Baby and Beyond, who are in turn accredited by the prestigious Royal College of Midwives. Yoga encourages your baby's physical and mental development, and is a very social class where your baby can experience fun movements in a stimulating sensory environment. Yoga can help your baby to relax for improved naps and sleep, ease digestive issues and experience new sensations.


Where and When?

Baby Yoga takes place on Tuesday afternoons at St George's Community Centre in Dane Bank, Denton and on Thursday afternoons at St Paul's Church Hall in Heaton Moor, Stockport. My Denton venue is conveniently close to Hyde, Reddish, Haughton Green and the M67. Close to the A6, my Heaton Moor venue is handy for Reddish, Didsbury, Chorlton and all other areas within South Manchester, Stockport and Tameside. Both the church halls have car parks and free off-street parking available, plus kitchen facilities, comfortable seating/feeding areas and baby changing units, along with plenty of space for prams and car seats inside.

St George's Community Centre in Dane Bank

St Paul's Church Hall in Heaton Moor

What Happens at Baby Yoga?

Every lesson begins with a few moments of relaxing breathing, focus on a mantra, and being present with your child.

We then move on to gentle warm up stretches for babies and parents/carers.

Babies will then experience their own developmental stretching sequence based on traditional yoga poses, such as hip openers, rocking and rolling, see-sawing, downward dog, and the 'happy baby' pose! Their sequence includes rhymes, songs, actions and movements.

Babies and adults try a range of fun seated and standing yoga poses - nothing too strenuous, don't worry! No prior yoga experience is necessary, the positions are very restorative and gentle.

Class ends with a meditation, time to relax and a return to peaceful breathing.

My Baby Yoga course is suitable for babies aged from around 10 weeks up to crawling. The start age can be variable as it is whenever your baby has developed some head control. This can sometimes be as young as 8 weeks, and sometimes babies are older and still require some head support.  All class moves can be adapted to suit older babies who may not have strong head control, please just get in touch if you would like to discuss your baby's needs.


If you want to start attending classes sooner, my Baby Massage courses are suitable from 4 weeks old.

Any parent or carer is welcome to come, however mums must have had 6-8 week postnatal checks and be cleared for physical activity before attending Baby Yoga.


Who Can Attend?

Benefits of Yoga for Baby:

  • maintaining flexibility in the spine and joints

  • strengthening and improving muscle tone

  • boosting the immune system

  • regulating the digestive system

  • stimulating the senses

  • aiding sleep

  • supporting development​

  • enhances muscle tone and development

  • aids co-ordination and body awareness

  • boosts immunity

  • releases 'happy hormones' which make your baby feel good!

Benefits of Yoga for You:

  • using positive touch with your baby

  • playing/bonding/relaxing with your baby

  • learning about postnatal-safe exercise

  • spending special time with your baby

  • healing after a difficult or traumatic birth

  • gaining confidence in handling your baby

  • helping alleviate symptoms of post-natal depression

  • learn deep breathing and relaxation techniques

  • gentle stretching and positions to help you relax

  • improving muscle tone and strength after pregnancy

  • empowering yourself through confident parenting