Covid-19 Guidelines


The current Covid guidelines as of July 2021 for parents/carers and babies attending my groups are: 

  • Refunds will not be given in the case of adults/children missing classes due to Covid, any other illness, or self-isolation.

  • If a class or block of classes has to be cancelled due to the teacher becoming ill with Covid or being absent due to a period of self-isolation, a refund will not be given but an alternative online class will be provided at a date and time scheduled by the teacher.

  • Adults and children with possible Covid symptoms must not attend class. Follow guidelines for testing and isolating. Unfortunately a refund cannot be given if you cannot attend, but a video of a pre-recorded baby yoga or massage class will be provided for you.

  • Adults should maintain social distancing when queuing outside the building. Please do not enter until you have been invited in.

  • Adults (who are not exempt) should wear a face covering/mask upon entry.

  • All adults should sanitise their hands on entry. You are welcome to bring your own hand sanitiser gel if it is at least 70% alcohol or use the one which will be provided at the hall.

  • Please leave as much equipment as possible in your car if you have driven to the venue. If you are using a pram you can bring this inside, but please keep it with you at your mat/space which will be 2m away from other families.

  • No visitors will be permitted into the hall, only the named parent on the booking form can come in with their child. If you are coming with an additional adult they will be required to wait outside until the class is finished.

  • The toilets and nappy change unit will be in use but will not be able to be cleaned after each family has been in. Please therefore maintain good hygiene standards when using this shared facility (e.g. wipe down the baby change unit, wash hands etc) to help the next family who enter.

  • I will be operating a 'mask to mat' policy, so once you and your baby are in the hall and settled on your mat, then you are welcome to remove your mask if you wish to do so. Please wear your mask if you are moving around the hall for any reason.

  • There will be exercise mats provided for you and your baby to sit on, they will be 2m apart and will have been sanitised before your arrival. If you prefer to bring your own mat to lie on top that is fine, please ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned before arrival. 

  • I will provide a name card to help you find your mat. This will be your space for all classes in a block booking in order to help me with record keeping, should we need to provide details to Test and Trace. If you are booking with a friend and wish to be seated at adjacent mats please let me know.

  • When leaving the lesson, adults should maintain social distancing and not congregate in the hall doorway.

These guidelines are subject to change dependant on latest Government and NHS guidance. Baby Choices will inform you of any changes prior to arrival at your class.