Health and Safety Guidelines and Disclaimer

Health and Safety Guidelines

When practising massage or yoga with your baby, never rush or force anything. If you feel stressed or tense, take a break and come back to practice later on.


Always ensure that you feel safe, secure and confident with the way that you are holding your baby. Never do anything that you do not feel comfortable doing.

We do not recommend yoga within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, unless previously regularly practising.

If your baby is unwell, it is best not to attend the class. Never practice massage or yoga with a distressed baby, or if your baby is limp, pale, has a temperature, or any difficulties breathing. Please seek appropriate medical help in this situation.

It is not recommended to practice massage or yoga within 24-48 hours of your baby's immunisations.


When booking you will be asked to tick confirming that you have read and understood the above information and accept the following disclaimer:

  • I confirm that I have either declined/consented to photo release prior to this class. I will inform the class teacher if my decision changes at any point.

  • I confirm I have read the above safety guidelines and will ensure that I adhere to them.

  • I confirm I am having a healthy postpartum recovery and my baby is healthy. If I have any doubts, I will seek the advice of my medical professional before proceeding with classes.

  • I take full responsibility for myself and my baby, and for everything that happens to me and my baby in relation to my participation in this class.

  • I confirm that the contact and health information given on my booking form is correct at the time of starting the course. If the information changes at any point during the course I will notify my instructor.

  • I will keep my teacher informed of any health issues that arise over the course of the classes, both for me and my baby.

  • I understand that in class I will move with care and self-awareness to minimise strain or injury. Should an injury or complication occur as a result of my participation in this class, Baby Choices, all teachers, employees and affiliates, are absolved of any responsibility.

  • I understand that refunds or transfers are not possible for missed classes.