Baby Massage Course in Dane Bank

Learn a relaxing full body routine and soothe common baby ailments

  • Starts 14 Sep
  • 40 British pounds

Service Description

This course will show you essential massage strokes to enable you to help your baby through common ailments. These issues might be stomach problems connected to colic, such as cramps, trapped wind or constipation, coughs. Babies often suffer with congestion, colds and sniffles, and our massage strokes can help release this. Plus strokes to help your baby relax and improve any sleep issues they may be experiencing. Your course price includes a bottle of organic sunflower oil and a full colour guide booklet to support you with massaging at home. You also have the option to do a dry massage or 'over the clothes' massage if you prefer. If your baby has eczema or any other skin problem you are welcome to use a prescribed cream from your doctor instead. Our sessions are totally baby-led, so you can just feed, comfort and change baby’s nappy as and whenever needed throughout the sessions. No specialist equipment is needed for the class, just bring yourself and your usual nappy bag - plus a mask if you are not exempt as we will follow a 'mask to mat' policy. Do you or your baby have any additional needs or any medical concerns? Not a problem at all. Please contact to discuss your requirements. Payment of £40 for the 4 week course must be made in advance. Please email if you have any issues with booking. Massage/yoga should not be practised within 24 hours after baby has had immunisations. Please reschedule any injections for well in advance of or after a class.